All-in-One Event Management Platform handles everything, from event registration and ticketing to post-event surveys and everything in between.

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iEVENTS is proudly providing top-notch ticketing services for events across all scales and industries.
The automated event platform  makes event planning faster and more effective for everything from brief seminars and webinars to lengthy summits with thousands of attendees.


                                      Own Your Events Throughout Each Stage


Get set and go!

That simple.

Create a single page or many, all with a high conversion rate, without sacrificing your branding. Activate available payment methods, add speakers, and create custom registration forms. All in a matter of clicks.

  • Website Builder for Events

  • Personalized Registration Forms

  • Blueprint & Duplication for Events

  • Online Payments & Ticketing

  • Event Templates.


Tell Everyone

Describe Your Event

Send newsletters, customized event invitations, and other emails to specific targets to streamline your event marketing. For even more visibility, promote your event page on your website and social media accounts.

  • Invitations to branded events

  • Messages Sent Automatically

  • Integrations with Social Media

  • Email Editor with Drag & Drop

  • segmenting a list.

Check In

Establish Memorable First Impression

Use push alerts and automatic reminders to remind attendees about the event. Then, when they arrive at your virtual or live event, make check-in easy, welcome them, and hand out badges or digital business cards.

  • Check-in with QR Codes

  • Creating and printing badges

  • Personal Notifications

  • Schedule, maps, and bios


Understand how to do in Actual Time

Track attendance, sponsorship revenue, event profit and loss, and the effectiveness of your event promotions from anywhere.

  • Reports of Profit and Loss

  • Measures of live check-in

  • walk-in attendees

  • Exhibitor Administration


Surpass the expectations of the audience

Allow attendees at your event to design and distribute their own digital business cards. Manage their contacts so they can mingle with everyone in a productive manner before, during, and after all of your events.

  • Participant Talk

  • Personal CRM

  • Exchange of business cards

  • Mobile app


Request Feedback

To gather feedback and better your events, you may quickly and easily build surveys, tests, and polls.

  • Simple setup

  • Unlimited Inquiries

  • Logic in Surveys

  • Analytics and Tracking


Recognize the Effects of Your Events

To gain insights into the behavior of your guests from events, email marketing, sales, or finance, analyze performance using robust dashboards and reports.

  • ROI Perspectives

  • Analysis of Email

  • Adaptive Dashboards

  • Automatic Receipts & Invoices

Scale Up

Recover and try again

Create templates for your most successful events. To save even more time, make quick changes and conduct new events with comparable registration procedures, costs, and sponsors while also inviting both new and past attendees.

  • Event Duplication is Simple

  • CRM

  • Multilingual Assistance

  • Plans for Events