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ERP for Hospitality Industry
& Management Organizations 

Improving your operations, upgrading your
over-all control scheme, and scaling up your sales and marketing management 

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Optimized Experience

iCORDIALITY manages your employees work-flow, from attendance to documentations, as well as keeping you connected with your clients and/or partners in a faster, more convenient way 

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Centralized Management System

Centralizes all activities, manages all in-house operations and throughout your multiple locations

Customer Service Improvement

Effectively manages,  implements and unites customer service management into a single interface

Reservation Management

Helps you merge records and improve performance, in addition to allowing you to view overall occupancy rates, update a room’s status

Front Desk Enhancement

Increases the efficiency and streamlines the workflow at your front desk; daily tasks like executing room changes, offering discounts, or providing essential such as wake-up calls

Business Office Optimization

Makes your business office workflow amazingly easy, especially if you are operating multiple locations, with streamlined accounting processes, for one, you can limit your overheads

Accounting & POS

Managing charts of accounts, financial statements had never been easier, as well as creating and managing vendors’ quotations, business budget plans and customers’ promotions and vouchers